10 Instagram Marketing Tips Used by Top Brands

With over 80 million Instagram users, it’s no surprise that more and more Top Brands are jumping on board and embracing Instagram to assist increase their online marketing strategy. So, how are these massive corporations utilising mobile apps to improve their visibility and create public interest in their brands?

1 – Hashtag, Photo, And Video Campaigns

Brands may build context for their fans to capture and share their experiences by creating a hashtag around an Instagram marketing campaign and executing a related photo or video campaign. Marketers can simply filter and curate the greatest UGC and social advocacy into social walls and displays by using the “Brand Engagement” template on Cheetah Experiences.

2 – Websites that are socialised

Brands must adapt their websites and other digital platforms into engaging social centres with the ideal mix of branded and user-generated content. These hubs are designed to increase engagement, collect first-party data, and direct people to campaign and product pages.

The advantages of boldly exhibiting your hard-earned UGC are obvious: you boost consumer trust, brand relevance, and on-site interaction.

3 – Promotion and Optimization of Campaigns

Brands who create interactive content that their target audience interacts with will see their material appear higher in newsfeeds. Brands can get the most out of Instagram marketing efforts by using Instagram influencers, native and paid advertising, and driving high-quality traffic to their website.

4 – Using Instagram for SEO

Google has began to de-prioritize several on-page SEO methods and has begun to favour content pages with higher user engagement. Pages with long stay times, low bounce rates, and high conversion rates are rewarded with higher organic search ranks.

By embedding Instagram feeds into websites, marketers can keep viewers on the page longer, increasing dwell time and organic search ranking.

5 – Social Stories Promotion

Instagram Social Stories are the new newsfeed for socially conscious customers. Flexible and timely, we beat any algorithm alterations as they arise temporally and promote direct engagement over passive consumption.

With simple, fast-loading data collecting methods, these lightning-fast experiences help you incentivise engagement, increase brand storytelling, and drive PII data.

6 – IGTV stands for Instagram TV

Early adopters, mega-brands, and influencers are all eager to capitalise on this new social function for Instagram marketing. Users can interact in the same way as they can with regular posts by like, commenting, and sending direct messages to friends.

As of yet, there are no advertising alternatives, but businesses can add clickable links to the video description, which opens in the embedded browser. This is an advantage over photo postings where inserting links to direct people to owned channels is not possible.

7 – Instagram Marketing for Ecommerce

There has always been a conflict between social interaction and purchasing. Brands may monetize UGC, increase sales, and provide quantitative ROI from this sophisticated Instagram marketing technique by displaying authentic and persuasive Instagram photographs within e-commerce experiences that offer actionable contextual connections within social hubs, such as “Buy Now” CTAs and the like.

8 – On-Site, In-Venue, and In-Store

UGC does not have to be limited to Instagram; it can be simply displayed on giant screens at festivals, expos, award events, or retail locations to promote in-store promotions. Using a relevant, short, and catchy hashtag will assist you in increasing the amount of shared content you accumulate.

9 – Getting Permission to Use Instagram Content

As tedious as it may sound, marketers must follow the rules and acquire permission from the content author before showing information on their website or using it in a new Instagram marketing campaign. After all, no company wants to be sued for a million dollars for violating copyright rules.

10 – Optimize Your Content Marketing Efforts

Instagram is a wonderful tool for brands to learn how their owned Instagram content resonates with their target customers.

Brands can assess the performance of their social hubs, marketing applications, and published UGC with detailed reports that show live interactions, demographic details, and comparison charts over time with Cheetah Experiences. Analytics on what content and marketing are generating the greatest interest.


More and more major firms are utilising Instagram to help sell their products, and they will go to great lengths to create stunning photographs in order to reach a larger audience. Customers who are engaged will be more likely to recommend and refer the brand to others. Instagram is a win-win online marketing technique for leading firms.Protected by Copyscape

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