Instagram tips and tricks: How to make money on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media networks, if not the fastest-growing. Its user base has risen to 1 billion since its inception. In addition, Instagram has won the battle for engagement — the platform creates four times the number of interactions as Facebook. These figures demonstrate why so many firms are eager to join the Instagram marketing bandwagon.

But let’s be clear: getting Instagram marketing properly is no easy chore. To run campaigns that result in conversions, you must first master the ins and outs of the platform. What’s the good news? This article will walk you through the intricacies of Instagram marketing in a step-by-step manner.

Developing Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Your Instagram marketing strategy will work best if you have a clear objective in mind, select individual methods that will gradually build toward that goal, and keep track of your results along the way so you can change as needed.

Determine your goals and objectives.
Your marketing strategy is supported by your goals and objectives. For goal setting, we like to use the SMART acronym:

Instead of a general goal, provide specific metrics and milestones.
Measurable: Select targets that can be tracked and measured using analytics and insights.
Realistic: Be realistic. A million followers in a week is quite unlikely to occur. (Unless, of course, you’re an egg.)
Stay current with your industry, business, and perspective.
Time-bound: Set a deadline for yourself to complete the task.
Instead of saying, “I want more followers,” instead, “My aim is to obtain 500 genuine followers in three months.”

Instead of saying, “I want more sales,” say, “My objective this month is to achieve $1,000 in revenue from Instagram Ads sales.”

Instead of saying, “I want a more engaged following,” instead, “My aim is to increase my engagement rate by 1% in six months.” (Learn how to calculate and grow your engagement rate in this post.)

It’s time to flesh out your Instagram content plan after you’ve established a target.

Create an Instagram Content Strategy

What are the major demographics of my target audience? What do they enjoy doing, seeing, and experiencing? What appeals to and entertains them? How do brands build trust and encourage customers to buy?

It’s understandable if you don’t know all of the answers right away. It’s a process that you’ll get the hang of as time goes on. However, as you gain a deeper grasp of your target demographic and what makes them tick, your Instagram marketing plan will improve.

Here are some ideas for developing an effective Instagram content strategy:

Make certain that each post is consistent with your branding and appearance.
Maintain a consistent “vibe.” For instance, if your brand is high-fashion, make sure that all of your photographs are high-quality and evoke feelings of elegance and refinement. Instagram is a terrific way to show your true colors if your brand is unique or funny.

Get useful information from your friends and foes.
If you’re just starting out, looking at what other companies are doing might be really beneficial. Examine top-performing posts from similar brands, your largest competitors, leaders in specialized niches, and the platform’s most popular accounts.

This competitive research will alert you to crucial trends, best practices, and little-known tricks and Instagram hacks that will propel you to the next level.

To stay on schedule, create a social media content calendar.
Make a social media content calendar to remain on top of your Instagram content strategy and ensure that it is cohesive and consistent.

To begin, plan out all of your posts for the next month, aiming for at least three posts every week. If you’re stuck for ideas or having difficulties filling in all the blanks, use free Instagram templates that mimic frequent post styles and successful posts from other firms.

Track your performance with Instagram Insights.
Instagram Insights is a free service that is available to anyone who has a company profile on Instagram. It provides you with a valuable view of your account’s important performance data, such as how much attention your posts are receiving and how engaged users are.

You may also get demographic information about your followers, which will help you locate your target audience on Instagram. While this built-in analytics tool isn’t particularly thorough, it’s an excellent starting point.

Stories on Instagram

Instagram Stories had over 500 million users as of January 2019. Because they can only be 15 seconds long, disappear after 24 hours, and aren’t featured on your main profile or feed, they’re a more thrilling and ephemeral method to share with your followers.

Stories are a valuable complement to your Instagram marketing plan since they allow you to discuss topics that are more timely or in-depth, or that don’t quite justify a typical post.

Here are some examples of how you can use Instagram Stories:

Answer frequently asked questions about your organization’s specialization or about your company in general.
Display “behind-the-scenes” content to show your audience how you do your business.
Promote your fresh content, such as a blog, ebook, or infographic.
Organize a “takeover,” in which one of your employees (or an influencer) posts their own material for a day.
Poll your audience on a popular topic or solicit feedback on your business.
Organise a contest or giveaway in which you urge users to upload a story tagging your account or including a branded hashtag.

Instagram Live Video

Instagram Live, as the name implies, is a tool that allows you to engage your audience in a real-time “live broadcast” style. This is a very useful tool if you’re attending an event or discussing something important or urgent.

The wonderful thing about Instagram Live is that your tale will appear first in your followers’ Story feeds, and they will also receive a notification when they open the app. However, with great power comes great responsibility: don’t utilize this function unless you have very valuable content to provide, or you risk alienating users by wasting their time.

I hope you enjoyed my article on Instagram tips and tricks: How to make money on Instagram.

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