5 Tips to Power Your Marketing Plan With Instagram Marketing

Instagram now has over 90 million active users who share millions of photographs daily. When a social media property achieves that kind of popularity, people take notice…especially those who understand the power of social media and how it may effect the bottom line.

Businesses, from solo internet marketers to Fortune 500 corporations, recognise the importance of content and video, but photo sharing has a place in marketing and promoting one’s brand… It’s also simpler than you might think.

Given the platform’s evolution and growth, now is an excellent opportunity to reconsider your Instagram marketing plan. We’ve chosen five actionable Instagram marketing suggestions below for brands primarily interested in increasing sales through social media.

1 – Make your creativity and voice heard

Because of the “gold rush” mindset of making sales on Instagram, firms frequently face crowded competition. To cut through the clutter, you must utilise your imagination. Brands that are able to carve out a niche or trademark are frequently the ones with a large number of followers.

And the more followers you have, the more chances you have to sell. There is no “correct” approach to make an impression on your followers.

Humor is another great way to make an impression on Instagram. People will generally welcome hilarious content as a type of “break” from standard sales pitches, whether it’s a meme or a clever caption.

2 – Curate and Promote User-Generated Content

One of the finest methods to promote your product and brand to Instagram’s audience is to fill your content calendar with user-generated content.

It is possible, if time-consuming, to find these photographs “by hand.” Digging through hashtag mentions and asking for permission for each and every piece of UGC isn’t exactly efficient, especially if you have followers who often upload customer images.

If you want to include user-generated content (UGC) in your Instagram marketing plan in a scalable fashion, you’ll need a curation tool like the PowerReviews Social Collection.

Instagram marketing may be a powerful strategy for increasing brand exposure.

Our Social Collection capabilities eliminate the need to scout for UGC in the wild and allow you to share it without repeatedly requesting permission from individual accounts.

3 – Make Money With Instagram Stories

Stories are currently the most popular sort of content on Instagram. Stories are no longer a novelty for ecommerce companies and retailers, with over 500 million daily consumers.

In terms of product promotion, stories give marketers a lot of creative leeway. Want to share a spontaneous selfie? A professional product image with a clear call to action? Stories allow you to do both while putting your brand front and centre in the Instagram feeds of your followers.

4 – Maintain a Product-Specific Content Calendar

First and first, what the hell should you post?
Product-related posts are among the most popular sorts of content on Instagram, as stated in our guide to social commerce.

Although firms should avoid spamming their followers, they should also not be afraid to show off their items. It’s all about presentation, as cliche as it may sound. Simply providing flat, lifeless product photographs will not get you very far.

Consider how you may promote what you’re selling in fashionable situations. IKEA, for example, displays their wares in a sort of physical retail window.

Aside from photographs, videos should undoubtedly be a part of your Instagram marketing plan. Anything from mini-commercials to loop-able, Boomerang-style flicks that are eye-catching and amusing is fair game.

Even major firms like Swatch create playful, engaging video material to promote their products.

The message is that product-related postings should be at the heart of your Instagram marketing plan. Although they should not be the only sort of material you generate, brands should not be scared to promote themselves.

5 – Use the Correct Hashtags in Your Posts

Instagram and hashtags go hand in hand. However, brands that try to spam them don’t fully understand their function.

Hashtags not only allow new followers to find your material, but they also inspire others to share posts about your company. A brand-specific hashtag, for example, is a must-have for ecommerce firms.

However, branded hashtags aren’t the be-all and end-all for brands. There are dozens of hashtags for communities and industries that are relevant to your target audience.

In addition to looking at what tags your target audience is using, you can use free Instagram marketing tools like All Hashtag to further your brainstorming.


Take a look at some of the businesses that are using Instagram Marketing, make a note of which ones stand out to you, then get your creative hat on and your camera ready…

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