Why Instagram and Internet Marketing

When Instagram initially appeared on the scene in 2010, it was like any other social platform: full of selfies, pets, and food photos.

By 2022, Instagram’s evolution from a simple photo sharing app to a full-fledged marketing platform is practically complete.

Take a peek at some of the platform’s most recent additions! Instagram has introduced dozens of new tools for businesses in the last year alone, including enhanced analytics, shoppable Instagram posts, new ways to generate visitors from Instagram Stories, and the new independent video platform, IGTV.

It pays to have a presence on Instagram if you work in ecommerce, education, or media and publishing. But if you truly want to move ahead, you need to know the platform (and your audience) through and out, including what type of content works best, how to create an Instagram Stories plan, and how to track your analytics and KPIs.

There are numerous opportunities to increase brand awareness in today’s online marketing world.

Social media has created a nearly level playing field for businesses of all sizes to promote their message. However, it can be overwhelming for small firms, particularly solo marketers. Trying to keep up with this and that on Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram. However, knowing that these platforms exist gives you a better opportunity of getting your message out there.

Instagram may be unfamiliar to you. While it may be new to you, it has over 90 million users that login at least once every month, so it’s one social media site you should pay attention to. While Facebook and Twitter are the more traditional social media platforms for engaging with consumers and prospects, Instagram may also be effective if used correctly.

For example, because it is a photo sharing site, it is more about visual impact than anything else. However, by adding the proper type of photos to your hash tags, you can easily establish a following and your followers will share your photos, creating knowledge about your brand.

A few pointers to keep in mind while considering Instagram as a marketing tool

1) Consider how you may utilise visuals (photos or images of, for example, drawings, infographics, etc.) to interest your audience. Hold a photo contest in which the most innovative image wins. Alternatively, ask your customers to send in images of them using your product and give the winner a discount. Plan a weekly or monthly contest, and you’ll have stuff to promote on other social media channels like Facebook.

2) Consider how you may utilise photographs to present a more personable side of your company. Consider adding images of your personnel, customers smiling after getting their hair done, and so on if you manage a small hair salon. Show that you’re more than simply a logo or a website, and you’ll gain many more fans and soon-to-be followers.


While Instagram may not be as large as Facebook or other social media sites, with over 90 million members and a unique platform, it is certainly not to be overlooked.

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