Why You Should Choose Instagram Marketing for Your Business

Instagram is clearly no longer only for personal usage. It is now a worldwide platform where marketers can humanise their content, hire new talent, display their products, and inspire their audience.

Furthermore, Instagram users are not just active, but also engaged. Approximately 59% of the platform’s active users visit the site on a daily basis and spend at least 7 hours each week exploring content and communicating with friends and brands.

Instagram may also assist you in increasing brand awareness and introducing new products. 130 million Instagram users interact with commerce content each month. Instagram allows you to market your business and goods in a nice, genuine manner without hard selling to your customers.

Even with all of these Instagram numbers, you may be unclear of where to begin.

Grow your Instagram follower base

It takes time and effort to build a following. You may be tempted to go the easy route and buy followers… don’t! Buying followers will not result in engagement, which is what you need to ensure your posts are viewed. (In addition, Instagram’s latest API updates will erase those followers automatically!)

Promote Your Business on Instagram

Once you’ve built up a loyal fan following, you may begin converting those fans into paying consumers. Here are a few ideas.

Deals, discounts, BOGOs, and other offers are excellent ways to drive first-time sales with your Instagram following. Include what your followers must do to receive the offer, as well as a deadline to generate a sense of urgency.

Contests: What better method to turn someone into a customer than to give them a chance to try your product? Run contests that demand people to follow your account or use a hashtag in order to enter.

Charity: 81 percent of millennials anticipate businesses making a public commitment to charity. This can increase brand affinity and help convert followers into consumers. For example, Gap collaborated with The Global Fund to combat AIDS in Africa. It has helped raise more than $130 million since 2006.

Teasers: Instagram is an excellent venue for showing your audience sneak peeks of new products before they become available. While you don’t want to bombard your followers’ feeds with product shots, a few images might help build anticipation.

Consider using Instagram Live to announce a new product or service. Then, provide a purchase link in your bio to encourage users to buy.
Don’t forget to use the link in your Instagram bio and your Instagram Story Highlights to direct people to your website, blog, and product sites.

Finally, make sure to promote your Instagram on other platforms. Include a social share button for Instagram on your website and post your Instagram on other social sites. Sometimes asking for more followers is the quickest method to obtain them!

Here’s what you can focus on to build a following the right way

Make sure your username is easily remembered and searchable. People can’t follow you if they can’t find you! Fill out your biography. It’s the last thing someone sees before deciding whether or not to follow you, so mention who you are and what you do.

Begin posting once your profile has been optimised (as discussed in this section). Before you start engaging individuals, it’s a good idea to fill your feed with ten to fifteen high-quality posts. Users who view your profile and find it empty are unlikely to follow you.

Then, begin following accounts that pique your interest and are relevant to your business. Consider Instagram to be a community, and look for other businesses or influencers in your area who could be interested in your product or service.Protected by Copyscape

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